Have you ever wanted a speaker to inspire and motivate you to do more?  To be better?  To reach higher than you have imagined?

Zohra Sarwari can help you inshAllaah.  She is the person who will push you beyond your limits and remind you of why you must not settle for less, inshAllaah.

“In Islaam we are to strive for excellence for the sake of Allaah (subhan wa Tala), we are to excel in all that we do, for that is what our Creator expects from us, that is what I teach and inshAllaah practice.”

Zohra Sarwari


Words of encouragement go a long way, don’t they? In this day and age, many of us forget the importance of sharing positive thoughts and ideas with each other, of being inspired by the achievements and knowledge of others.

Zohra Sarwari is one person who understands the importance of sharing positive thoughts. The power of words, of ideas, is something that she uses all the time as a speaker. Whether you are a youth looking to put your life in order, or a parent looking to inspire your children to go the extra mile, Zohra Sarwari has words and wisdom that will inspire you and bring about the changes you want to see in your life.

These days, it’s not always about what you know or who you know. Sometimes it’s about how you feel and what you’re prepared to do to change your reality for the better.

Inspire your kids and have them learn the power of positive thought and the importance of greatness. Learn how to manage your time and became extraordinary while juggling the responsibilities of being a student and a youth. Help your teenager to prepare for life in the world with effective time management strategies that will transform them into an unstoppable force- inshAllaah!

Sister Zohra is a speaker that insh’Allaah will help you achieve that, it doesn’t matter if the topic is about Time Management, Salah, or How to Raise Your Kids According to Islaam.  Mash’Allaah she will not only bring in her expertise in the area first hand, but also knowledge from books and classes.  She is a student for life and continuously is learning herself, mash’Allaah.  She might also be one of the fewest sisters who travels with her entire family to a speaking event.  Please review her articles, books, and videos to see if she will be a good fit for your organization insh’Allaah!

“Zohra Sarwari has stood out as exceptionally creative and extraordinarily
passionate about her topics. Her energy is contagious.”

Muhammad Alshareef
President, AlMaghrib Institute

 “AlhumdilAllah Zohra Sarwari is an amazing, outstanding speaker, I have had the privilege
 to see her speak live. She has impacted my life greatly, she is a speaker that would help you envision your dreams, set your goals and become motivated to achieve them, inshAllaah.  I have changed from being too scared to even think about envisioning great dreams to actually changing my life in a way where I believe that any dream is possible to become real, all it needs is effort and believing in yourself as I have learned from Zohra Sarwari.  I encourage everyone to attend any of Zohra Sarwari’s speeches and feel the difference in their lives afterwards, inshAllaah.

Zohal Ghafari




Madeeha Shaikh


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Some of the places she has lectured at:

Mercy Mission- UK
Being Me -Spoke in all of these countries- UK, Canada, Malaysia, USA, Australia
Islamic Relief- UKTwins of Faith- Australia
Private Schools in the UK
Private Schools in South Africa
Private Schools in the US
Charity Right- UK
The Qur’aan Academy- UK
Muslim Hands- UK
Darul Arqam Singapore- Singapore
Johannesburg, South Africa- The Marriage Conference
Capetown South Africa- RIS Conference with Mufti Menk
Colleges and Universities in the States-

Have given over 1000 lectures Alhamdullilah



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