5 Tips on How to Live the Last Day of Your Life

  1. Say your prayers.  Many people believe in the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and there is no better time to pray to Him, and worship Him then on your last day.  However, we all know that we should be praying and worshiping the Creator at all times, but on your last day, make sure that you remember Him, for it is Him your going to at the end.
  2. Forgive everyone.  I know as humans we have a bad tendency to hold on to grudges and bad comments people have made to our about us.  However, if this is your last day, let it go.  Forgive them, and let the Creator of the heavens and the earth handle the score between you two.
  3. Ask for forgiveness from everyone.  Now we have our ego or should I say Satan stop us here.  Asking for forgiveness has been tough for many people to do, because they don’t want to admit to their mistake.  Let go of your ego, and live a peaceful life without anyone hating you.  Sometimes people will hate you regardless of what you do, and that’s ok, but if you have done something or hurt someone intentionally, ask them for forgiveness.
  4. Be with Family and Friends.  Be with those who are closest to you, and enjoy your last day with them.  Ask them to pray for you to God the Greatest.  Ask them to take care of any responsibilities that you have left behind.  Ask them to remember the good memories.
  5. Pay off your debts, or make sure someone is doing it. Don’t leave a balance of owed money.  Ask your family and friends to take care of that for you.  Ask them to do this for the sake of God the Greatest.  Many people die now leaving a ton of debt behind, and it is unfair to someone.  Make sure that you don’t do this.

Check out the book “Imagine that Today is Your Last Day”.  This book will discuss in depth about all of the 5 things in this article plus more, inshAllaah.

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